How It Works

Free Pickup and Delivery
Free Pickup and Delivery

Step 1: Create an Account:

  1. - Click JOIN NOW to start your sign up.
  2. - Confirm we service your area by filling in simple form.
  3. - Check your email for a confirmation link to continue the setting up of your account.
  4. - You are now eligible to purchase Laundry Day Valet Credits.

Step 2: Buy Credits:

  1. - Laundry Day Valet is a Credit Based System.
  2. - You purchase credits that can be used to book your Laundry-Day Valet.
  3. - The more credits you purchase, the lower the per-credit price.
  4. - Credits never expire.
  5. - Once purchased, credits cannot be refunded or transferred.

Step 3: Book Online:

  1. - Schedule a pickup date. You can choose morning or afternoon.
  2. - Put your items to be laundered in the Laundry Day Valet bag(s) provided.
  3. - Place your Laundry Day Valet bags on your front porch for pickup.

Step 4: We Do the Rest

  1. - Your Laundry Day Valet will weigh your bags and deduct the credits from your account.
  2. - Our experts will wash and fold your clothes and deliver them back to your home.


What Our Clients Say?

Laundry Day Valet came to my rescue just when I thought I'd never conquer my laundry mountain.


September 1, 2023

I had the pleasure of using the Laundry Day valet service recently, and let me tell you, it's like experiencing a laundry miracle! First, the convenience is unmatched.


August 25, 2023

I can't believe I've been missing out on this laundry valet service for so long! From start to finish, my experience was nothing short of extraordinary.


August 23, 2023

Press Play, We'll Press Your Clothes

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